The new year, not so new

Ok, so its been a little while since I posted. I’ve been without computer/iPhone/internet for 3 days or so. I know, its torture. But when it comes down to it, it was worth it. I’ve started the year 2013 with my veryvown cocktail i created. The Bibidou. Its a mix of curaƧao, apple mojito, and a mix of delicious fruit juices. I shook #likeaboss for new year eve making some badass cocktails for the party of 8. Made some badass friendships and made the previous ones craycray. No photo this time, tho ill try and get a video of me mixing my cocktail up on here. I’ve re-realized how amazingly awesome small parties are. And there was lots of rolling people in carpets, grouping people in a bathtub, and also some laughter on my behalf at the frenchies singing english songs only decently, without even known what it means. All in all, depressing that its been over a week already. But out of 10 this trip is over 9000 already. Keep an eye out for new posts ;)

Fast Order


So obviously, how silly would it be to go to France and not try out the best fast food there. So when I was a kid I would come here with friends, we’d have giant combo’s and then play in the play area. Nothing changed yesterday, except I swaped out the play area for an extra burger. Was nice and all, but man I wish I could stay at that moment forever sometimes…

Unbreaking News

So as you can see, i’ve been busy having a crazy time with my cullinary side. Been tasting different wines every day, eating all sorts of french foods, and enjoying the spring-like 10-15 degree weather in t-shits for the most part.

Been catching up with by bro’s and working out the details for all the partys coming up.

Yesterday my grandmother told me she would buy me a bottle of voldka for new year (score) and I am also getting a new phone.

Its hard to believe that a week has nearly gone by already. Im thinking I should have a little less fun so that it lasts longer.

All in all, no regrets so far.

T minus less than twelve hours

So there is less than 12 hours before I gtfo from Canada. And I still cant check in online due to an airline website service F.A.I.L.

Got window seat for long flight, cuz they know me too well.

This is gonna be 3 weeks of awesomeness.

I feel like im going to bring a metric fk ton of swag over to France and teach them the ways. xD