The adolescent age is a period when many young people beginning to determine their unique sex.

Sex include thoughts and destination on many different degrees – not merely who you have intercourse with. While this is a typical section of adolescent life, it can be a confusing energy for young adults in addition to their groups. Learn more about the ideas of sex your kid could be handling, just how to support all of them during this period, and how to recognise any evidence which they need your support.

Listen to from Ross Jacobs from QLife about sex plus teen.

Within the video Ross utilizes the terminology homosexual, lesbian and bisexual nevertheless there are more terms and conditions that individuals prefer to utilize. And some men and women don’t also like labels whatsoever! It’s crucial that you read up on this therefore here’s a listing.

  • Heterosexual: Attracted to the ‘opposite’ sex or gender.
  • Lesbian/Gay: Attracted mostly or simply to people of equivalent gender or gender. Continue reading