Tinder is definitely the butt of a lot self-deprecating jabs within my personal dating life

Andy Rosenberg

Movie director of Brand Marketing at Mack Weldon

Tinder has long been the buttocks of numerous self-deprecating jabs at my private internet dating lives. Picture a self-proclaimed a€?younger Larry Davida€? by using the solution and get caught up to accelerate as to what the majority of my personal knowledge because of the popular dating application have been like. Ia€™m not claiming a€?ita€™s perhaps not you, ita€™s mea€? to Tinder, but every thing about Tinder relationship features considered therefore random, and honestly, perhaps not geared to a particular market that I am desire.

But perhaps Tinder tryna€™t thus haphazard after all.

Last week, the Atlanta Hawks hosted a€?Swipe Appropriate nights,a€? a sponsored advertising celebration where attendees with the games could meet each other through Tinder. In addition to co-branding existing throughout Phillips Arena, the Hawks facilitated particular markets for a€?matcheda€? attendees to meet up with, vouchers for food and beverages, flowers and also Altoids. Yes, Altoids.

The Hawks + Tinder relationship try imaginative advertisements genius for following explanations:

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