No, a womana€™s hymen doesn’t reveal whether she has got sexual activity or not

a€?As soon as babes arrive at the age of puberty, the hymen becomes really elastic and could not just grab whatsoever during initial sexual intercourse,a€? states gynaecology researcher.

“we are speaking about to issues”, states Risa Lonne-Hoffmann.

a€?One would be the anatomical hymen that women experienced for thousands of years. Immediately after which therea€™s the cultural relevance. These are typically two very different action.”

Lonne-Hoffmann is definitely a researching specialist in gynaecology on Norwegian college of technology and Technology, NTNU, and an expert for the vulvar hospital at St. Olav’s hospital.

Culturally, the hymen has created a bunch of problems for a lot of women.

In numerous region, ladies may still get surgical procedure to rebuild the hymen. The very last process of the varieties in Norway was practiced in 2005, based on the Norwegian Institute of people overall health (NIPH/FHI).

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