Reviewer responses and exactly how to react. Reviewer: The English isn’t adequate for book

Author: a number of the reviewer’s remarks were therefore defectively written, just how can he be a judge that is good of!

  • It is correct that numerous reviewers would not have English as their very first language. Possibly they discovered your English ended up being hard to realize, or maybe they certainly were afraid that other reviewers would point this out and felt ashamed should they didn’t state any such thing concerning the English language. Some speakers that are non-English it could save your self face when they criticised the language.

Writer: a colleague was asked by you through the United States to read through your paper in which he stated it absolutely was fine!

  • Possibly the English in your paper had been okay, but simply not adequate enough for book. Possibly your colleague had been wanting to be good, and failed to desire to state the English had been thought by him had been not adequate enough. Possibly your colleague did want to get n’t stuck because of the task of re-writing your paper. Maybe he simply didn’t understand your paper and didn’t desire to acknowledge it.

Writer: you would imagine the reviewer is judging your English more harshly as it’s from Asia.

  • Many journals run a “blind” peer review, in other words. such a thing pinpointing the writer is taken away before delivering for review. Nonetheless, you can find usually clues inside the paper, such as for example mentions of past magazines, or of Chinese research. Continue reading