The first big number of gold sculptures from Silver Statues, the Coins around the world celebrate the popular designs in the worlda€™s best bullion coin applications in a manner youra€™ve never seen before

Observe once the US Eagle, Australian Kookaburra, and North american country Libertad coins become more active in brilliant 3D styles:

  • American Silver Eagle: The 20 oz old-fashioned complete American sterling silver Eagle Statue illustrates the Us novelty helmet sitting located on a pedestal along with its wings collapsed at its area, and its correct claw raised abreast of leading of (and holding) the heraldic protect regarding the United States of America. The eaglea€™s feathers were caught in intricate details, and its steely glaze friends out of behind the guard because stall stoic and on-guard for all the nation.
  • North american country Silver Libertad: Each 12 ounces vintage complete Mexican Libertad Silver sculpture brings to 3D form the Greek Goddess of Victory, whoever figure was utilized to top the memorial in Mexico town. Referred to as El Angel, she appears 22 feet taller in actuality and features throughout the obverse regarding the Mexican gold Libertad money annually really introduced. Continue reading